Contract Terms

Standard Terms of Vehicle Lease Contract

by AT Rent LLC

I. General Provisions

1. Under the vehicle lease contract, the Lessor undertakes to provide the Lessee with a vehicle (the Object of the Contract) under the conditions of the contract. The Lessee is obligated to pay the Lessor a fee for the use of the vehicle (Rent) throughout the contract term. Upon early return of the vehicle as well as any other object or document in possession of the Lessee (Accessory) along with the vehicle, the Lessee has no right to claim refund of pre-paid Rent. The rented vehicle has a mileage limitation of 400 km a day on the condition that the vehicle is used outside of Estonia. For each additional kilometre, 0.064 euro will be charged upon return of the vehicle. There is no mileage limitation during the rental period in Estonia.

2. The contract is valid from the date of signing until the return of the vehicle at the time and place specified in the contract. A time period of 24 hours is the length of one day of use of the vehicle.

3. A vehicle can be rented by any person of at least 20 years of age having at least one year of driving experience. The same terms are also applicable to the Second Driver specified in the Contract. Upon conclusion of contract, a driver’s licence (temporary driver’s licences are not accepted) as well as a passport or an ID-card must be presented to the Lessor.

4. Upon conclusion of contract, the Lessee shall pay a deposit of 100 € (euro). In the event of absence of claims, the deposit is fully refunded by the Lessor upon return of the vehicle or is cleared with the last rent invoice.

5. In the case of at least a three-day rental period, upon customer’s request, AT Rent LLC will arrange free delivery of the rental car within Tallinn.

6. The vehicle is delivered and returned in a cleaned condition unless otherwise agreed. If the Lessee fails to meet this requirement, 15 euro will be retained from the deposit to cover the cost of car wash and, if necessary, additional 10-65 euro to cover the cost of car interior cleaning.

7. Return of the vehicle not completely fuelled or fuelled with a type of fuel not intended for use results in retaining the cost of the required fuel from the deposit plus a penalty fee in the amount of 15 EUR.

8. The rent covers motor insurance and insurance on body hull and appurtenances unless otherwise specified in the contract (i.e., special conditions).

9. If the contract term does not exceed one month, the Lessee shall pay all the total rent before the delivery of the vehicle. The Lessee shall pay 50% of the rent in advance to confirm booking. If the contract term exceeds one month, the Lessee shall pay the next month’s rent in advance no later than on the last business day of the preceding month.

10. If the Lessee wishes to return the vehicle prior to the time specified in the Contract, the Lessor will customise the part of the price list that specifies periods formed by actual rent days.

11. Upon return of the vehicle, a note is made to the Contract (see section 11) on the presence or absence of complaints, which is signed by both parties of the Contract (Statement of Delivery and Acceptance).

II. Lessee’s Rights and Responsibilities

12. The Lessee is entitled to use the vehicle only for its intended purpose. The vehicle must be driven in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.

13. The vehicle may only be used on ‘the road’ within the meaning of the Roads Act. The vehicle may not be used for illegal activities, towing, racing, training, or any other special purpose.

14. Any profit gained over the period of using the vehicle (Profit) as well as compensation for damages caused by the Lessee to third parties in connection with possession or use of the vehicle belongs to the Lessee.

15. The Lessee is obligated to examine the vehicle prior to acceptance as well as to confirm its suitability and working condition. The signed contract (see section 10) confirms absence of complaints.

16. The Lessee must do everything in their power to prevent any damage to the Lessor or third parties through use and possession of the vehicle.

17. The Lessee must fuel the vehicle using only appropriate and quality fuel. The Lessee is required to ensure proper maintenance of the vehicle and to eliminate at their own expense all the faults in terms of routine maintenance and repair (Law of Obligations Act, paragraph 345 section 1).

18. The Lessee may not transfer the right to drive the vehicle to third parties, with the exception of the Second Driver specified in the contract provided that the Lessee is present.

19. The Lessee (or the Second Driver) is obligated to ensure the appropriate technical condition of the vehicle before each ride and monitor the condition of the vehicle on the road. Should a technical failure occur, discontinue driving until the failure has been eliminated.

20. In the case of traffic accident, theft, vandalism, etc., the Lessee is obligated to immediately notify the Lessor. Should the driver be required by law to inform the police and/ or rescue services of the incident, the Lessee is obligated to do so.

21. If damage is caused to the Lessor or third parties through possession or use of the vehicle (including damage or loss of the objects constituting the Accessory), the Lessee is obligated to submit a written explanation to the Lessor within 24 hours. If submission of a written explanation is not possible, as an exception, an e-mail may be sent to the Lessor at the e-mail address specified in the contract.

III. Lessee’s Responsibility


22. The Lessee bears full responsibility for the theft of the vehicle as well as for the damage caused to the vehicle due to culpable conduct of the Lessee or third parties. The Lessee is fully responsible for any lost items as well as for preservation of the items delivered with the vehicle (Accessory) and vehicle parts and accessories. The Lessee shall compensate for the damage caused by a traffic accident or as a result of wrongful conduct of a third party to the extent not covered by insurance (including deductible in the amount of 320 euro if the vehicle is covered with insurance on body hull and appurtenances).

23. If the Lessee provides a third party with the vehicle, the former bears full responsibility for such actions should damage be caused to either the Lessor or other parties. If the Lessee or the Second Driver has caused damage under influence, the damage will be considered as caused intentionally by the Lessee.

24. If the Lessee does not return the vehicle at the end of the contract term, the Lessor will require the rent to be paid as compensation for damage for the entire period of delay, which is calculated in accordance with the fee charged for one day of use. If the vehicle is abandoned, the Lessee shall pay the cost of the vehicle to the Lessor.

25. If the Lessee fails to return car keys, alarm remote control, immobiliser and activator, vehicle registration or insurance policy to the Lessor, they shall pay a penalty fee in the amount of 320 EUR to the Lessor for each lost or missing item or document.

26. If the returned vehicle requires repair works due to violation of the terms, the Lessee shall pay – in addition to the repair costs – the rent specified in the contract for each day of the repair works. Faults that may have been caused by substandard fuel will be considered as caused intentionally by the Lessee.

27. The Lessee shall pay the Lessor all of the afore-mentioned penalty fees resulting from the inappropriate use of the vehicle. If the Lessor has been fined for parking or any other offense in connection with the vehicle due to culpable conduct of the Lessee, the Lessor reserves the right for a period of three years to require that the Lessee compensate for damage twice the amount of the penalty fee.


IV. Lessor’s Rights and Responsibilities


28. The Lessor undertakes to perform the contract in good faith, deliver the vehicle to the Lessee at the time and place specified in the contract as well as to accept the vehicle at the end of the contract term.

29. The Lessor undertakes to carry out regular vehicle maintenance. The Lessor has the right to check at any convenient time that proper vehicle condition and maintenance is ensured. The Lessor determines the place, the time, the conditions, and the scope of the repair works regardless of the location of the vehicle.

30. The Lessor shall not compensate the Lessee for the damage caused by vehicle malfunction or in other circumstances beyond control of the Lessor (e.g., accident; traffic accident; trip cancellation; failure to perform work or other obligations; requirements related to the relationship between the Lessor or the Second Driver and a third person, etc.). The Lessor is not liable for the technical condition of the vehicle abroad. If the vehicle develops a fault that cannot be repaired on-site, the Lessee is obligated to deliver the vehicle to Estonia using own resources.

31. If the fault developed through no fault of the Lessee, the Lessee may require that the Lessor make a 10-percent discount on the entire contract term or return the vehicle to the Lessor and require that it be replacement.

32. The Lessor has the right to terminate the contract in certain exceptional cases, e.g., the rent owing exceeds the monthly amount due; also, if the Lessee’s or the Second Driver’s actions reasonably suggest that the vehicle is used for illegal purposes or that the user requirements are ignored.

33. If the Lessor has terminated the contract for the reasons specified in section 32, the Lessee is obligated to return the vehicle no later than within 5 hours after receipt of the message delivered by the Lessor over the phone. In the case of violation of this requirement, the Lessee is obligated to pay the Lessor a penalty fee in the amount of 200 euro.

V. Final Provisions

34. Any dispute arising under this contract, in regard to which the parties cannot reach an agreement, will be settled by Harju County Court in accordance with Estonian law.

35. The contract has been drawn up in 2 (two) original copies, each party retaining one signed copy.

36. The Lessee certifies that the Standard Terms of the vehicle lease contract have been made available to them, which they have familiarised themselves with, that they have understood the content and the essence of the Standard Terms and that they agree to all the terms and conditions of the Contract.